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Managing your billing subscription

1. Introduction

Floatchat provides for digital billing & payment for plan subscriptions via our payment gateway Stripe. Subscriptions are created for the plan selected for and the selected cards (or other payment mechanisms) are auto-billed when an invoice is generated.

Payments & Billing Information is available in the Accounts Section of the Floatchat Portal and this is accessible only to the Account Owner. If you have multiple users for a bot, then this is the person/account who had registered for the Floatchat Account, to begin with.

1.1 Account

The compiled version of account details will be available under the Accounts Settings section on the top-right menu


2. Managing a Subscription

  • To view your subscription, navigate to Subscription Settings under Account Settings.
Managing-a-Subscription (1)
  • Click on the Change plan option to reach out to the sales team. Provide the required details and click on Send
2---Managing-a-Subscription (1)

3. Track Payments

An email is sent to your account when an invoice is generated and it contains information on the monthly/yearly plan and amount to be paid. Once the payment is done a system-generated receipt is sent to the user with payment details.

3.1 Account Details

The details entered by the User during the registration process will be presented here, Company website URL can is reconfigurable, along with these details the role of the account (Portal User – Owner, Administrator, Executive, Agent, Bot Builder) will be displayed too


3.2 Subscription Details

Subscription details are available only for the owner and the executive roles. To view the same, navigate to Subscription Details under Account setting.

Managing-a-Subscription (1)

Interactions – The total number of interactions consumed for your latest billing month. 

Bots Deployed – The total number of bots deployed on the account. 

MAU – Corresponds to the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) who have interacted with the bot/agent. A user is considered as an Active User if they have sent a message from their end to the bot or the agent

Live chat licenses – The total number of live chat licenses set up as part of the subscription. Sum (Owner + Supervisors + Agents) is considered as Live chat licenses set up.

You can upgrade your card details by selecting the option ‘Update Card details’. 

Click on the ‘View‘ button next to Payment History to view your previous past payment history.

You can click on the action button on the right end of each payment. This is to download the receipt for the selected payment.

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