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More information #

Here, you can access information regarding a variety of features associated with conversations.

Tags #

Tags enable more efficient organization and grouping of conversations. Please refer to the information below for further details.

  • You can manage the tags from Settings > Admin > Tags.
  • Tags can be assigned to conversations through different methods: via the admin area by navigating to Settings > Automations > More, through Dialogflow actions, and by inserting the JS variable SB_DEFAULT_TAGS into a page showing the chat or into a web page displaying the chat or the tickets panel.
  • To locate conversations with specific tags, simply enter the tag names into the search bar located at the top-left corner of the admin conversations area, or you can select the desired tag from the dedicated filters menu on top-left. The tags filter is visible only if at least one tag is assigned to a conversation.
  • You can disable the tags from Settings > Admin > Disable tags.

Notes #

Notes allow users to add comments to conversations that are only visible to agents and admins.

  • If you are usign OpenAI, we suggest enabling the note data scraping option.

Transcript #

The full conversation can be sent to the user by the agent or admin as a transcript file.

  • Agents and admins can send conversation transcripts to users by clicking the Transcript button in the top-right corner of the admin’s conversation window.
  • You can autoamtically send the transcript to the user when you archive a conversation by using the close message available at Settings > Messages > Close message.
  • You can send the transcript to the user only if the user has an email.
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