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More information #

Direct access and PWA #

You can access the admin area directly without going through WordPress by navigating to /wp-content/plugins/supportboard/supportboard/admin.php and logging in with your default WordPress user or agent email and password. Keep in mind that your wp-content folder might be different. By accessing the admin directly, you will also be able to use the admin area as a Progressive Web App. You can find more details on this by clicking here.

Login and logout #

To logout from the admin area of Support Board , logout from WordPress from the admin area of Support Board , once logged-out you will be able to login with another WordPress account. To access the admin area from within WordPress you must log in with one of the following WordPress user roles: administrator, author, editor.

Get a page or Post Type ID #

To get the ID of a specific page or Post Type, go to the admin area of WordPress and edit the page or post. The ID is displayed in the address bar. Example: (the page/post ID is equal to 11).

Get a Post Type slug #

The Post Type slug of the blog archive and posts is post. The Post Type of the pages is page. To obtain the slug of a custom Post Type, go to the admin area of WordPress and open the custom Post Type page from the left menu. The slug is displayed in the address bar. Example: (the slug is food).

Disable WordPress Emoji #

The prevent WordPress from replacing the chat emiji with the WordPress ones Enter the code below in the file functions.php of your theme.

function disable_emojis() {
     remove_action("wp_head", "print_emoji_detection_script", 7);
     remove_action("admin_print_scripts", "'print_emoji_detection_script");
     remove_action("wp_print_styles", "print_emoji_styles");
     remove_action("admin_print_styles", "print_emoji_styles");
add_action("init", "disable_emojis");


WordPress Multisite #

If you have multisite installation, you must install Support Board in the main website.

WordPress Multilingual #

If you want the chat to use the same language as the pages on your website, disable the Chat > Automatically translate option

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