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Floatchat- User Guid


Once your chatbot is deployed and catering to your users, stats and insights become really important to understand how your chatbot is performing and what could be tweaked to improve its responsiveness. The various dashboards provided are around overall engagement and trends, dashboard focused around the automated responses, retention patterns for the chatbot and support agent dashboard.

You can simply click on the Users tab and go to the user’s page of the floatchat platform. Here you can find the listing of users of your bot. It helps you drill down to a specific user and do a one-to-one chat when needed. It also shows you all the details about the user including name, gender, and a graph displaying interactions over time.

  • Bot Engagement
  • Bot Responses
  • User Retention Analysis
  • Live Chat Summary
  • Agents
  • Channels
  • Agent Performance
  • Conversation Overview
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