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Release Notes May 2022

Release Notes – 10th May 2022 #

As part of our monthly deployments, we had a release on 10th May 2022 that was successfully deployed. With this release, we resolved and enhanced several customer requests/enhancements and took a significant step forward to solving our customer’s problems and use cases.

Following is the summary of the changes: #

User Upload
The maximum number of users that could be uploaded has been increased to 25000 from 1000. This is based on entitlement. Clients with entitlements to this feature will be able to use this feature to upload the user list in bulk instead of uploading in multiple tranches of 1000 each. By default, all customers will have the limit as 1000. The limit can be increased upon request.

Fixes in this feature include handling situations where an uploaded file is stuck even after a few hours by showing the relevant error status – This will go by the end of this week

Phone number validation #

Customers can now upload any phone number without worrying about pre-fixing country code in a fixed format. Once a customer provides the country or region of the list,  can take care of the mobile number validations and ensure that the phone number is changed to the required format.

Improvements also include validating the imported phone number to verify if it exists on WhatsApp and only then creating an associated user. This prevents all invalid users getting uploaded and then causing errors downstream when sending out a broadcast.

Case-insensitive search #

Improved search options are now available in Users and Messages to expand search options to include first name, last name, and email. Search can now be performed on username, first name, last name, and email – This will be applicable for new users, we are planning changes to also include all users active in the last 3 months, which will go with the next sprint

Broadcasts #

Limit of 50 target segments in broadcasts is now removed, and users will be able to see all segments from the drop-down
Core UI
Quick start guide

After a bot is created, a quick start guide is now available covering the most common use cases of lead generation, customer support, frequently asked questions as well as DIY options. This will be available to direct customers and will increase the user experience and reduce hurdles that users face while creating bot flows.

Live Chat #

|Improvements in Inbox include ensuring that a New conversation shows up in the Active Page.
Bot builders now also have an option to update the live chat category as per the category assigned by Routing rules.
Agents now have an option to search through quick replies which is especially useful in the case of a long list of quick replies.

Channels #


SMS as a channel has now been expanded with support for broadcast and campaigns using Twilio and Clickatell as service providers.
SMS can now be sent to existing users using both Broadcasts as well as Campaigns. All broadcasts sent out on SMS will be captured in Broadcast Analytics.
Messages sent out as SMSs will be available as separate conversations in Messages, Users, etc.
Importing broadcast lists is also applicable to the SMS channel now with similar functionality as for WhatsApp.

Facebook Comments #

Just like automation for Instagram comments, customers can now turn on automation for Facebook page comments. Enabling this feature can send a one-time private reply and/or reply as a thread to the user comment – This feature is available only for direct customers, WL partners will need to subscribe to additional permission on FB app and get it reviewed to ensure that this feature works for them and their customers

Mobile App #


Mobile App can now track active users, average time spent, most active pages, number of logins, and other markers to help us get a sense of utilization as well as user journeys/ drop-offs on the app.

Public App Launch

This release also saw the launch of ‘s Floatchat offering on the public Floatchat App Store. The Floatchat App Store is a publicly available app store that provides everything that a customer support platform needs to enhance customer interactions and streamline support operations.‘s publicly available Floatchat offering is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to provide seamless live chat support, automate customer interactions, and deliver personalized experiences. It supports multiple channels, integrates with CRMs and ticketing systems, and offers advanced features such as chat routing, canned responses, and analytics.


PSR in this release focused on processor instrumentation for telemetry, as well as processor stability. A second instance was also deployed to handle peak load in the festive season.

These release notes highlight the key updates and improvements made in the May 2022 release. If you have any specific questions or need further details about any of these updates, please let us know.

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