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Release Notes April 2023

Release Notes – April 25, 2023 #

We’re thrilled to share the exciting new features and improvements that have been implemented in this release. From enhancements in our mobile app to advancements in AI/NLP capabilities, we have worked diligently to ensure that this release delivers the best possible experience for our users. Let’s dive into all the exciting changes in the latest release!

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As part of our monthly deployments, we released an update on April 25, 2023. Here is a summary of the changes:

Mobile App #


Product Search for Mobile App #

The web-like product search feature available in the Live Chat is now accessible on the mobile app. Agents can manually recommend and share products with users, providing better shopping assistance. This feature is applicable to all Floatchat platform users integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce.

WhatsApp Changes for Single and Double Ticks #

The mobile app now reflects the web-like single and double ticks for sent, received, and read notifications of each agent message in WhatsApp conversations.

Streamlined Start New Conversation Flow #

We have simplified the process of adding a new user and starting a conversation on the mobile app. It now involves a 2-click workflow, reducing confusion and improving efficiency compared to the previous 3-click workflow.

Mobile App for White Label Partners #

The mobile app artifacts are now in the Beta stage. We are accepting working partners to help them publish a white-labeled mobile app on iOS and Android app stores.

Inbox & Live Chat #


Drag and Drop Images/Files to Live Chat #

Agents can now attach images and files to an active conversation by simply dragging and dropping them into the response box. We plan to introduce further improvements to this feature in the near future.

Logout and Redirect on Session Timeout #

Upon session timeout due to inactivity, agents and portal users will be automatically logged out from the web portal. They will be redirected to the login page, eliminating the need for manual refreshes.


Channels #


Preview Post for WhatsApp Ad Users #

Users coming from Facebook advertisements through the “Click to Chat” WhatsApp link will now be properly tagged and visible on the portal. Agents will have access to the full context of the advertisement that the user clicked on.


Instagram: Create Segments and Audience #

Customers can now download data from the Floatchat portal and use it to run advertisements from the Facebook Ad Manager on the same or similar custom audience segment.


Send Carousels and Options as Private Reply #

Bot builders can now configure paths to send carousels and options as a private reply automation when a user comments on a post. This provides more flexibility in customizing responses based on user interactions.


Context for Instagram Comments and Direct Messages #

Customers can now view past comments made by users and access information about those comments through the Messages screen. Agents can also send private replies to user comments and gain more context on past conversations with the same user.


Generate Contextualized Suggested Responses from Documents/URLs using ChatGPT #

Using eSenseGPT, our GPT-based Generative AI engine built on Large Language Models (LLM), the bot can now respond to user queries related to products using HTML web pages and PDF files uploaded on the platform. The bot retains context from previous queries and provides relevant information about the return process and estimated refund timelines. This reduces the workload on customer service teams, allowing them to focus on more complex queries and provide a better customer experience.

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