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Dialogflow #

The information provided below is relevant to Dialogflow.

Get Project ID #

  • Log in to the Dialogflow ES console by going to You must sign in with the same Google account used during the synchronization.
  • Click the gear icon at the top left, near the chatbot name, and open the settings area. . If you haven’t created a chatbot yet, follow the instructions below to create your first bot.
  • Copy the Project ID .
  • Make sure to choose US / GLOBAL on the top left of the Dialogflow dashboard. Please note that our system does not support mega agents. .

Get Dialogflow CX Agent Name #

Location #

Set the location or region of your Dialogflow agent. This setting is optional if your agent location is set to global.

Welcome Intent #

Trigger the Dialogflow Welcome Intent for new visitors. The option Settings > Messages > Welcome message must be active.

Send the user details #

Send the user details of the registration form and email rich messages to Dialogflow.

Add Intents to saved replies #

Include the Dialogflow Intents into the saved replies. To access the saved replies option, go to Settings > Admin > Saved replies.

Create a basic chatbot #

If you haven’t created a chatbot yet, follow the instructions below to create your first one. The creation and management of your Dialogflow chatbot is handled entirely by Dialogflow. There are a lot of tutorials online that can help you create and configure your Dialogflow bot.

  • To create your first chatbot enter the Dialogflow console and create an agent. As Google project select the same project used during the synchronization.
  • Add a new Intent from the left menu and open it.
  • In the Training phrases area adds the user’s question you want the chatbot to reply to, add as many variants are you can. For example, if you want to the chatbot to reply to users asking for your business address, add variants like “what is your address”, “address”, “where are you”.
  • In the Responses area adds the chatbot answer as a text response. If you want to add buttons, cards, etc., you can use the rich messages.
  • You have created your first question and answer! Test if from the right area or from the Support Board chat. Add new Intents to populate your chatbot with the questions and answers you want. You can include basic pre-built questions and answers by enabling the Small Talk feature from the left menu.


Here are some great resources to help you build a more complex chatbot: #

What are your feelings
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