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Optimal configuration #

Floatchat is a powerful tool, but its abundance of features can pose a challenge when it comes to quick setup. To streamline the process, we provide a list of the most commonly used features that we advise setting up. By incorporating all these features, you will have access to the most essential and beneficial functionalities.

  • Activate email notifications from Settings > Notifications. Make sure to activate the following options: Agent email notificationsSounds admin > Incoming conversations and messages, and Push notifications (if you are using the cloud version, Push notifications are already active). For more information on how notifications work, you can click here.
  • Configure the SMTP server under Settings > Notifications > SMTP. Afterwards, test the email feature by sending a trial email from Settings > Notifications > Send an agent email notification. In case you are using the cloud version, the SMTP is already activated, but you may want to use your own anyway.
  • Navigate to Settings > Messages and set up the follow-up message and offline message.
  • If you are using the WP or PHP version of Floatchat, activate Pusher. In case you are using the cloud version, Pusher is already activated.
  • Navigate to Settings > Miscellaneous > Performance optimization and turn off any features that are not being used.
  • In case you are utilizing the chatbot, make sure to check out the optimal configuration here.
  • If you are facing difficulties in synchronizing services like Google or WhatsApp, our team can help you by configuring them. For further information, please visit our hire us page. By utilizing your personal accounts such as Google or Facebook, you can enjoy free credits, free quotas, and significantly lower costs compared to other chat services. Additionally, you will have full control and transparency over your data and expenses.


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