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Release Notes January 2023

Release Notes – January 3, 2023 #

As part of our monthly deployments, we successfully released updates on January 3, 2023. This release includes several new features, resolutions for customer requests/enhancements, and significant progress in addressing our customers’ problems and uses cases.

Here is a summary of the changes:

Core Platform #

Credit-based Usage #

To effectively manage conversation credits, we have introduced a feature that allows the addition, editing, and deletion of conversation credits based on client requirements.

WA Dashboard Analytics #

Improvements have been made to the WhatsApp dashboard, which now includes visual charts highlighting the usage and engagement of templates, as well as the response rates of buttons. These analytics provide valuable insights into the quality of broadcasted content and user responses.


The JSON API node has been enhanced to support calls with form-unencoded API types, expanding the range of usage scenarios and use cases for making API calls within a bot.

Broadcasts #

Broadcasts can now be stopped while they are in progress, offering greater control and flexibility. In addition, broadcasts can be retried up to 2 times in case of failures. Analytics associated with retrials will accurately reflect the selected target audience.

Live Chat #

Resolve Conversation #

The process of resolving a conversation has been simplified, enhancing agent productivity and improving the overall agent experience. Agents can now resolve a conversation with a single button click.

Agent Handling Conversation Filter #

A new filter has been added to the existing set of filters, allowing business owners or supervisors to view conversations actively handled by specific agents.

Start New Conversation #

To streamline the process and improve productivity, agents can now initiate a new conversation in Live Chat by simply clicking on the “+” icon.

Channels #

WhatsApp Account Health Changes #

Customers using the WhatsApp channel will receive email notifications regarding changes related to account health. This includes downgrades in account quality, message tier, and changes in number status.

WhatsApp Commerce #

Improvements have been made to handle error scenarios for WhatsApp Commerce, ensuring that all error status packets can be captured. New attributes have been added to extract line items and final prices from the cart, enabling the tracking of dynamic information for use in various automation flows.

Facebook and Instagram #

Agents can now view messages quoted by users on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, agents can engage in conversations with users for up to 7 days, an increase from the previous 24-hour limit.

Mobile App #

Continuous improvements have been made to the Mobile App, focusing on stability, speed, and overall user experience. The Simplified OneView on the Mobile App has also been enhanced.

E-Commerce #

WooCommerce #

We are pleased to announce the beta release of our WooCommerce offering for E-commerce. Customers using WooCommerce as their platform can now onboard and experience the benefits of using the Floatchat platform.

User Purchase Journey #

Deeper analytics now provide detailed insights into user journeys on the Shopify website, from exploration to purchase. Information on dropped products, conversion rates, browsers, traffic sources, and device types is now available, aiding qualification and attribution.

ML Team #

Our ML team has upgraded the sentiment analyzer model to improve accuracy. The sentiment capture in the OneView Inbox is now more precise and reliable.

These release notes provide an overview of the updates and improvements made in the December 2022 release of the Floatchat platform. We remain committed to enhancing our platform and addressing our customers’ evolving needs. If you have any specific questions or require further details about these updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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