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Release Notes February 2023

Release Notes – February 28, 2023 #

As part of our monthly deployments, we successfully released updates on February 28, 2023. This release includes several new features, resolutions for customer requests/enhancements, and significant progress in addressing our customers’ problems and use cases.

Here is a summary of the changes: #

Portal & Bot #

Windows Optimization #

In this sprint, we focused on improving the experience for customers using Windows OS to log in to the portal. Agents spending time on the LiveChat/Inbox modules will now enjoy an optimized experience specifically designed for Windows.

Bot V2 Migration #

We have introduced a seamless migration approach for customers to transition to the new Bot V2 UI on their web bots. This migration process allows customers to upgrade to the new UI hassle-free. Additionally, cosmetic improvements have been made, including the inclusion of emojis in the content for SMOs and RUD nodes, making the messaging more emotive and friendly.

Mobile App #

UX Improvements #

Continuous progress has been made to enhance the user experience of our mobile app. Improvements have been made to buttons, banners, headers, the My Account screen, advanced filters, user list screen, My Conversations, and more. These changes collectively provide a much better experience for agents using the mobile app.

Artifacts for WL #

Work has also been done in this sprint to prepare the necessary artifacts for whitelisting the mobile app. This effort aims to provide customers with the ability to whitelist the app and ensure a secure and customized experience.

Billing & Analytics #

‘Download’ Option for Detailed LC Productivity Data #

Customers can now download base-level data that underpins the productivity metrics for agents. This data can be used for custom analyses, empowering customers to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Inbox & Live Chat #

Custom Attributes/Filters for Agent Role
Agents now have access to advanced filters, further improving their productivity and efficiency in managing conversations.

Email Channel #

Several improvements have been made to the email channel, enhancing its functionality and positioning it as another effective communication option for agents to engage with end customers.

Detailed Logs #

Detailed audit logs are now the default view to track agent activity, providing transparency to business owners. These logs are visible in the OneView itself for owners and supervisors and differentiate between agent sign-ins from the portal and mobile app.

Partnerships #


The Webview node has been further enhanced to support MS SSO (Single Sign-On) option. This enables enterprise clients with security requirements based on MS SSO to utilize this feature and enhance their use cases.

Custom Subscription Plan Timelines #

Partners can now create and design custom plans for their clients, offering flexibility and ease of doing business.

Enforcement Levels #

Customers with remaining dues can have their accounts enforced with multiple levels. This ensures that the bot remains active and prevents disruption to basic services while limiting further usage of the platform.

Enhancement to Template Message #

A new feature has been introduced that allows actions to be performed based on the success, failure, or delay in receiving status packets from a WhatsApp template message. This feature provides alternative approaches to message delivery, catering to specific use cases.

Platform #

Generate cURL for Message Templates #

Technically sophisticated customers who prefer to manage WhatsApp template messages using cURL can now generate the necessary cURL code directly from the portal. This feature offers increased flexibility in various use cases.

Choose URL Analytics #

Clients now have the option to capture analytics associated with URLs in CTA buttons. This allows for more comprehensive tracking and analysis of user interactions.

Simplified Broadcast Workflow #

The broadcast feature, which is heavily utilized on the platform, has been improved to provide a consolidated view and enhance


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