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Release Notes November 2022

Release Notes – November 3, 2022 #

As part of our monthly deployments, we successfully released updates on November 3, 2022. This release includes several new features, resolutions for customer requests/enhancements, and significant progress in addressing our customers’ problems and uses cases.

Here is a summary of the changes:

Core Platform #

Opt-Out of receiving WhatsApp messages #

To comply with WhatsApp’s requirement for an unsubscribe option with template messages, we have introduced a workflow that allows users to include an opt-out option when creating templates and running broadcasts. In the near future, customers will be able to exclude users who have opted out during broadcasts and access a quick list of users who have chosen to opt out.

Template Message parameters #

To ensure successful broadcasts for WhatsApp template messages, we have implemented checks to verify that all required parameters are included, preventing broadcast failure.

Button Analytics

We have addressed certain gaps on the Analytics screen. Instead of seeing a blank screen while analytics syncs, users will now see a loader. Additionally, two pie charts have been added to provide more clarity and differentiation on read receipts and different button clicks. Furthermore, opted-out users’ numbers will soon be visible on the UI and in downloaded analytics data.

Core UI #

Bot V2 #

Continuing our efforts to enhance the web bot experience, we have made further improvements to Bot V2. We are excited to introduce Floatchat’s own mascot, Enbo, who has now been enabled on Bot V2.

Live Chat #

Analytics #

We have made additions and improvements to Live Chat analytics, empowering users to determine the productivity, quality, and performance of their agents.

Channels #

WhatsApp Dashboard #

To provide clients with a centralized location for monitoring account health, broadcast status, live chats, and templates, we have introduced a WhatsApp dashboard.

Quoting a message (WhatsApp) #

Users can now quote agent or previous user messages on WhatsApp, providing more context to the conversation. Agents will see these quoted messages on the OneView/Messages screen.

Tags for messages sent through the IG app

To differentiate between messages sent from the Instagram app and the Floatchat platform, we have added a new tag to messages sent from the Instagram app. This tag provides clarity on which messages were sent outside of Floatchat.

Mobile App

We have made continuous improvements to the Mobile App, focusing on stability, enhancing notification experiences, improving the speed of live chat, and addressing various bug fixes.

E-Commerce #


In this release, we have introduced a system segment to address browse abandonment use cases on WhatsApp and Instagram channels. Additionally, custom customer segments based on product types can now be created.


As part of our ongoing efforts to support various e-commerce platforms, we have conducted a proof of concept (POC) for integration with WooCommerce, providing an additional E-commerce platform integration option.


In this release, we have focused on analytics, insights, and recommendations for WhatsApp campaigns, conversations, products, and product rankings.

These release notes provide an overview of the updates and improvements made in the November 2022 release of the Floatchat platform. We remain committed to enhancing our platform and addressing our customers’ evolving needs. If you have any specific questions or require further details about these updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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