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Text Editor

Text Editor and Automated Messages Features #

The text editor of the admin area and automated messages(example: welcome and subscribe messages) can be used to create stylized messages:

  •  — All text links are automatically converted to clickable hyperlinks.
  •  — The editor also supports text formatting syntax:
    • To make text bold, surround it with *: *your text*.
    • To make text italic, surround it with __: __your text__.
    • To make text strikethrough, surround it with ~: ~your text~.
    • To insert a single-line code comment, surround it with`: `your text`.
    • To insert a code block, surround it with “`: “`your text“`.
  • HTML and other code languages — For security reasons, no HTML, JavaScript (JS), or other code languages are permitted. However, you can use HTML snippets by utilizing custom rich messages (discussed below).
  • To insert a line break into a message, use the keyboard combination SHIFT + ENTER or CTRL + ENTER.

Merge fields #

Merge fields are strings replaced by external values when used. Merge fields can be used in any message or automated message, including chatbot messages.

Code Description
Full name of the active user.
Email of the active user.
Full name of the active agent.
Email of the active agent.
What are your feelings
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