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Release Notes June 2022

Release Notes #

As part of our monthly deployments, we had a release on 7th Jun 2022 that brought forth various updates and improvements to enhance the Floatchat platform. We introduced new features, resolved customer requests, and enhanced existing functionalities to provide a better experience for our users.

Here is a summary of the changes made: #

Core Platform #

– Broadcast and Campaign Analytics: We introduced analytics for broadcasts and campaigns to help users track the effectiveness of their marketing activities. These analytics provide insights into targeted customers, messages sent, received, and read, enabling users to measure the ROI of their campaigns.

Core UI #

– Platform: We made improvements to the platform, including the ability to drag and drop SMO/Carousel cards to rearrange options. Additionally, the Master Admin now has access to all accounts, allowing better support for partner accounts. We also made progress in the proof of concept (POC) for the new Bot UI, which will be released in the future.

Live Chat #

– Integrations: We made enhancements to several out-of-the-box integrations to improve the user experience and accessibility for common use cases.
– Inbox: Improvements in the Inbox feature include enhancing the conversation-starting experience from the Users section. Agents can now start conversations where applicable, and messages can be viewed in the inbox by selecting the user in the Users section.

Channels #

– Status Webhook: We implemented a feature that enables clients to receive the status of all packets from 360 Dialog. This information can be used to track the outcome of messages sent to customers.
– WhatsApp: We further enhanced the user experience for WhatsApp commerce, recognizing its importance as a channel for conducting business. Additionally, we introduced comment automation workflow for user comments on the Instagram channel.

Mobile App #

– Feedback Logs: Improvements were made to automatically collect logs when users provide feedback, facilitating issue resolution and product improvement.
– Fonts: Significant improvements were made to font-sizing to ensure a better experience on different devices, increasing overall adoption.
– Zendesk Integration: We integrated Zendesk into the mobile app, allowing users to access Zendesk features and spend more time on the app.

Floatchat #

– Public App: While the Floatchat app was recently released to the public, we made additional UI fixes to strengthen its performance. We also introduced customer segments as part of these changes.
– e-Commerce Improvements: We deepened capabilities in the e-Commerce domain by improving query-based NER accuracy, product enquiry, image search, multimodal search, and FAQs.


– Intent and Sentiment Accuracy: We made improvements to intent and sentiment accuracy, enhancing the understanding of user queries.
– Arabic Parsing: Fixes and enhancements were made to Arabic parsing to ensure better language processing.


– In this release, we focused on processor instrumentation, context revamp, processor stability, and set up and testing of a second instance.
These release notes provide an overview of the updates and improvements introduced in the June 2022 release. If you have any specific questions or need more details about any of these updates, please let us know.
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