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Automatic Translation

Automatic Translation #

The automatic translation feature automatically translates user messages into agent language and agent messages into user language. To enable it check the option Settings > Artificial Intelligence > Automatic translation and complete the synchronization process. The multilingual via translation feature also requires these steps.

  • The Google account used for the Dialogflow synchronization must have billing and the cloud-translation service enabled, to do that follow the steps below:
  • Log in to with your Google account and select the project of your Dialogflow Agent.
  • On the top search bar type cloud translation, select the Cloud Translation API service and enable it. Please note that this is a paid service with a free tier, additional charges may occur.
  • Enable the billing by clicking Left menu > Billing and by enabling a billing account with a valid payment method. Enable billing for the project of your Dialogflow agent.

Information #

  • The user messages in the admin area are translated automatically in real-time to match the agent language.
  • The agent messages are translated automatically in real-time to match the user language.
  • Agents can view the original message by opening the message menu and by clicking View original message.
  • The agent language is based on the language user detail of the agent if set, otherwise on the browser language, or admin area language.
  • The user language is based on the language user detail, if set, otherwise on chat language, if set, otherwise on the browser language. The language can also be detected with the language detection feature.
  • The notifications are also translated.
  • To avoid translating a string, enclose it with the characters ` or “`.

Multilingual via translation #

The feature at Settings > Artificial Intelligence > Multilingual via translation automatically translates user messages into the default language of Dialogflow or OpenAI, and translates Dialogflow or OpenAI messages into the language spoken by the user. Additionally, this feature translates all text displayed within the chat, such as the chatbot’s rich messages, registration forms, and pop-up notifications. To enhance performance and minimize translation costs, the translations are automatically integrated into the translation files. Combine this feature with the language detection feature for optimal results.

  • The original texts must be in English.

Language detection #

Detect the language of the user’ messages and change the user language and Dialogflow agent language accordingly, if available, otherwise, show a fallback message. You can use the following merge fields in the message: {language_name}.

  • The user message must be at least 2 words long.
  • Language detection is executed only for the first 2 user messages of a conversation.
  • As long as the OpenAI chatbot is operational and programmed to respond to generic inquiries, the fallback message will never be dispatched, since OpenAI will consistently provide answers to any use message.
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