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Release Notes September 2022

Release Notes #

As part of our monthly deployments, we successfully released updates on 1st Sep 2022, focusing on new features, resolving customer requests, and enhancing the Floatchat platform to better meet our customers’ needs.

Here is a summary of the changes: #

Live Chat #

Simplified OneView
We continue to enhance and improve the Simplified OneView feature to provide an enhanced customer experience on the Floatchat platform.

Inbox #

In the current sprint, we added Livechat Audit Analytics to help users track agent sign-in and sign-out times, which is a crucial metric for measuring agent productivity. We have also deepened and strengthened the livechat analytics to determine productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of live chat agents.

Core Platform #

User Experience #

We have made improvements across the core platform to enhance the customer experience. These improvements include consistent behavior when selecting expressions in filters, improved layout of security options for better readability, and resolution of bugs and pending issues.

Bot Deletion #

Deleting a bot will now automatically free up the live chat licenses associated with the bot. These licenses can then be used in other bots. We have also implemented logging and audit trail maintenance for bot deletions.

Export Conversation Data #

Exporting conversation data is now more readable and usable with the inclusion of user identifiers, making it easier to look up and stitch together with other user data.

Campaign Analytics (WhatsApp – 360dialog) #

Customers can now track additional metrics for campaigns sent on WhatsApp, including the delivered rate, open rate, click-through rate, and detailed reports on different buttons clicked, response to template messages, and captured text. These analytics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of WhatsApp campaigns.

Core UI #

Bot UI #

We continue to make progress and improvements to the bot UI, which will revamp the bot experience on the web, offering enhanced capabilities and user-friendly interactions.

Channels #

WhatsApp #

We have made changes and improvements to the Send Message with Options node in Floatchat, including the inclusion of subheadings. Progress has also been made on WhatsApp cloud APIs. Additionally, a deploy button has been added to the Shopify offering to streamline deployment on WhatsApp.

Webhook #

If you have a listening webhook configured for 360dialog as a service provider, you will now receive the “message_id” field as received by 360dialog while sending a message.

Undeploy #

Chatbots can now be deployed from WhatsApp (360dialog) and Telegram channels with a simple click of a button on the Floatchat portal.

Instagram #

We have added compliance information to meet regulatory requirements for Instagram.

Shiprocket Integration #

The integration with Shiprocket provides detailed status updates, enhancing the quality of transactions for businesses on the Floatchat platform.

Razorpay Integration #

The integration with Razorpay allows for the generation of payment links, covering the end-to-end customer journey and improving transaction quality and customer experience. Furthermore, settings from Shopify have been consolidated to the Store module, combining all ecommerce settings in one place.

Analytics #

This release focuses on analytics and attribution, providing valuable insights to customers. These include the Shopify dashboard, as well as customer and product segment analytics, to demonstrate the value delivered by the Floatchat platform.


Improvements have been made to the Responses and Training section, enabling users to download more than 25 responses to FAQs. In Product Discovery, URLs are now shortened in paths for better readability. Furthermore, enhancements have been made to product recognition, and product caching has been introduced to improve performance in Product Discovery flows.

These release notes highlight the updates and improvements made in the September 2022 release of the Floatchat platform. If you have any specific questions or require further details about these updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out


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