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API Triggers

  1. Introduction: #

With Forward integrations, you can create automation flows in your chatbot that can be triggered by an API, without the need for end-users to interact directly with the chatbot. This allows you to collect information from clients through a form and pass it to the API via parameters. You can then use this input to perform specific functions and achieve your desired goals.

  1. Availability: #

Forward integrations are available in our Enterprise plans, subject to entitlement. For assistance, please contact info@    floatchat      .


  1. Working Mechanism: #

When a user submits information through a form and the API is triggered, the user inputs are passed as attributes via parameters. The automation flow corresponding to the API is executed based on these inputs. For example, you can generate and store information in Salesforce and send out emails based on the user’s category.


  1. Functioning: #

4.1 Instructions for using the API: #

– Method: Post

– Request URL: https://api.    floatchat      /bot-api/v1.0/customer/CID/bot/bot-key/flow/flowkey

– Parameters:

  – Authorization: Basic API-KeyEmail

For WhatsApp, if the user’s name is not provided, the ‘user.user_name’ attribute will capture and store the phone number.

– CID (Customer Identifier): Available in the ‘Integrations’ tab > Flaotchat API

– Bot key: Available in the ‘Integrations’ tab > Floatchat API

– API Key: Available in the ‘Integrations’ tab > Floatchat API for authentication

– Flow key: The key of the flow to be initiated when the API request is made

4.2 Creation of the flow: #

Create a flow in which the attribute data passed through the API will be utilized. The flow will be executed based on decision nodes and flows defined in the chatbot. For example, based on user categories (VIP or non-VIP), specific flows can be triggered and executed.Floatchat for WooCommerce - Onboarding and Deployment

4.3 User tracking: #

When the API is triggered and the automation flow is executed, a user will be created in the dedicated bot, containing the relevant details.Email

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