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1. Introduction #

Floatchat allows you to leverage the power of WhatsApp Messenger, a popular cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service, for your bot. With WhatsApp deployment, you can engage with users on this fast-growing messaging platform.

1.1 Access to Setup #

To access WhatsApp deployment in Floatchat, simply navigate to Configure > Deployment > WhatsApp.


2. Requirements #

To enable your Floatchat Bot on WhatsApp, you need to have access to WhatsApp Business APIs. Please note that access to these APIs is limited and requires specific manual approval from WhatsApp. For more details and information on how to obtain access, you can visit this link.

3. Steps to Configure WhatsApp #

Once you have obtained the necessary approval, follow these setup steps:

3.1 Registering a number #

  1. Provide a phone number that will be used as your WhatsApp number. WhatsApp will make a call to this number for activation. It’s important to ensure that the number is active and accessible by someone involved in your project. Additionally, the number should be callable from the US, as the activation call will originate from there.

3.2 Floatchat Setup #

  1. To set up the WhatsApp Business API client, reach out to us at We will assist you in the process of setting up the WhatsApp Business API client or provide you with the necessary technical steps to set up the Docker-based container on AWS or On-Prem.

    Once the WhatsApp Business API client container is set up and registered, log in to the client and create users if needed. Follow the instructions provided in this link for detailed steps.

    In the Deploy tab of the Floatchat Portal, go to the WhatsApp section. Enter the credentials for your WhatsApp Business Client user and provide the URL of your WhatsApp client.

    By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your Floatchat bot and start engaging with users on this popular messaging platform.



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