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Whatsapp sandbox

Introduction #

Floatchat’s WhatsApp Sandbox feature allows you to test WhatsApp as a channel in a pre-configured setup available on the Floatchat Portal. It enables you to send outgoing messages and respond to incoming messages, allowing you to thoroughly test your bot before deploying it on your WhatsApp number.


Availability #

To access the WhatsApp Sandbox feature, navigate to the deployment menu in the Floatchat Portal. Go to Configure > Deployment > WhatsApp > Connect – Select 360dialog as the service provider > Use Sandbox (checkbox).


Setup #

  1. Click on the ‘Use Sandbox’ checkbox, and you will be provided with a sandbox number. You also have the option to add multiple users to the sandbox.

Note: Enter the phone number along with its country code. You can add a maximum of up to 20 users.

  1. After adding the users, click on ‘Save changes,’ and a share option will appear.
  2. You can get started with your first conversation on WhatsApp by using the ‘Share’ option. The available options are:

– Click to chat link

– Scan to chat QR code

Note: Once you configure the sandbox number, your bot flow will only be triggered for the users added to the WhatsApp sandbox.

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