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Simplified Broadcast

1. Introduction #

Floatchat has introduced a new feature called Simplified Broadcast, designed to enhance the user experience. With Floatchat’s Simplified Broadcast, you can effortlessly access various sections including Broadcast History, Scheduled Broadcasts, Drafted Broadcasts, Creating Campaigns, and Data Export History.

By utilizing broadcasts and campaigns, you can effectively deliver content to your engaged chatbot users, making it an excellent marketing tool for business owners and marketers. The possibilities are vast:

  • Keep your users engaged on a regular basis.
  • Reach out to specific user segments for important notifications or transactions.

Here’s how you can make use of broadcasts and campaigns:

  1. Trigger or schedule broadcasts to reach your users.
  2. Utilize campaigns to subscribe to users and send scheduled or immediate messages to engage them.
  3. Send or schedule WhatsApp template messages to both existing and new users.

2. Availability #

Simplified Broadcast is available for the following channels:

  1. Facebook Messenger: Supports sending messages to existing users within 24 hours of their last message.
  2. Instagram: Supports sending messages to existing users within 24 hours of their last message.
  3. Line
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Slack
  6. WhatsApp: Supports sending template messages to all existing and new users.
  7. Website: Supports sending messages only to active users.

3. Functionality #

Once you log in to your Floatchat account, you’ll find the following options:

  • Broadcast History
  • Scheduled Broadcasts
  • Draft Broadcasts
  • Message Templates
  • Campaigns
  • Export History

1. Broadcast History #

Create new broadcasts and view a list of existing broadcasts along with their analytics.

simplified broadcast

You can filter the broadcasts based on the channel used and the date range.

simplified broadcast

The list can be sorted by various criteria, and you can customize the displayed columns.

2. Scheduled Broadcasts #

View a list of broadcasts that are scheduled.

simplified broadcast

You can also create a new broadcast and schedule it directly from this section.

3. Draft Broadcasts #

Displays broadcasts that have been saved as drafts. You can view the broadcast name, date and time it was saved, and the associated channel. You can also create a new broadcast or edit/copy/delete existing drafts.

4. Message Templates #

Create WhatsApp Message Templates for initiating business conversations. You can use these templates for marketing, transactional, and OTP-related broadcasts to existing users.

simplified broadcast

5. Campaigns #

Create campaigns to effectively reach your customers through their preferred touchpoints.

6. Export History #

Access detailed logs of exported broadcasts, including initiation and completion timestamps, as well as the completion status. You can redownload the broadcast file from the Export History section.

simplified broadcast
With Floatchat’s Simplified Broadcast, you can effortlessly manage your broadcasts, campaigns, and engage your users across multiple channels, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.
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