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Floatchat- User Guid


1. Introduction #

User data helps a business understand their customers and provide better products and services. This data sometimes may become too big to handle or apply metrics on or a bot builder may want to target a certain set of audience based on a given parameter. In this scenario, a bot builder would need to filter and create a group of users who fulfill the given criteria. Floatchat provides this functionality to their users by providing the ability to create segments. Segments are used to categorize users based on certain rules which would be primarily comprised of attribute-value combinations, including certain system ones.

2. Availability #

You can create segments by selecting Users Tab on the left panel and clicking on ‘Segments’ tab

2. Setup #

2.1 Creating and Saving #

Segment Name: This is the name you want to keep for the segment being created.

Conditions: This lets you set constraints to filter users to be added to the segment

Filter Expression: This allows a user to add ‘And’, ‘Or’ and ‘Custom’ function to create the evaluation expression

2.2 Illustration #

Let’s consider a sample use case where we need to get Millenials from our users. We set criteria that to be in the millennial segment a user must be greater than 25 years.

The below image shows how we can create the desired segment.

When the segment is successfully created it shows up on the segments page

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