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1. Introduction #

Smart assistants, E-Commerce bots, Digital support agents are the type of new-age bots where engagement level is high and highly targeted. One of the most important metrics after customer acquisition is complete is user retention.

Retention is the process of engaging existing customers to continue buying products or services from your business

Retention Dashboard provides analytics to help you understand how well your users continue to engage with the chatbot over a period of time. This is especially useful for cases where you expect your users to use the chatbot repeatedly over a period of time. As an example if I have an e-commerce chatbot I would want to track my repeated customers and how often do they visit my bot.

2. Accessibility #

This functionality is available to all users. This dashboard can be accessed easily under Analytics – User Retention Analytics

3. Returning User Trend Table #

To aid you with making fast deductions about the user trend, the data is presented in an easy to decipher table that groups together users engaging with the chatbot on any particular day.

  • The First Column represents the dates from the last 30 days starting with the most recent at the very bottom.
  • The Second Column highlights the number of new users that had engaged with the bot for the first time on that particular date
  • The subsequent columns then all represent the %age of users from that date that returned to engage with the bot, X days later
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