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OneView Inbox (messages)

1. Introduction #

Floatchat brings together messages from various channels into a unified inbox, providing agents with a faster and more convenient way to respond to user inquiries. The Messages section displays all messages, including those from agents and bots, across multiple channels in a single view.

2.Availability #

Agents and supervisors can access the Messages tab on the Floatchat portal’s left menu. This feature is available with all paid plans.


3. Messages Management #

Each user interacting via web/mobile chat is assigned a unique identifier. Messages with the same identifier are considered to come from the same user and are displayed in recent conversations. For Telegram or WhatsApp, the phone number serves as the unique identifier, while for Facebook, messages are stitched together based on the FB identifier.

User messages are managed and merged based on specific rules. User context and account context are automatically available for each message. Agents have the ability to edit fields within the message context, and these changes are local to the bot within the customer’s account.

Messages are stored on the portal for a duration of 30 days per account.

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