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Floatchat- User Guid

New Messages

1. Introduction #

The Floatchat section displays newly assigned requests for agents or supervisors. These requests can be found in the Messages tab.

1.1 Availability #

The Floatchat tab is accessible to supervisors and agents within the Messages section.

2. New Requests #

When a user requests a chat with an agent, their request will appear in the New section of the Messages tab. Messages are assigned based on routing rules and agent availability. Agents can toggle their availability status between “Not Available” and “Available.” Sound notifications can be enabled to alert agents of new requests.

3. Filters #

Agents can utilize sorting and filtering options to manage new chats. The icon next to the Availability toggle allows sorting by ascending (oldest first) or descending (latest first) start time. The default sorting is by Start Time – Descend (latest first). Filters can be applied based on attributes such as Channel, Date, Email, and Username. Date filters can be selected from a date picker. Applying and resetting filters can be done by adding the desired rules and clicking on Apply or Reset.

4. Initiating Conversations #

Agents can initiate new WhatsApp conversations directly from the One View inbox. Existing users can be searched for, and new users can be added by clicking on “Add New User.” New users are WhatsApp users who haven’t previously sent or received a message via the WhatsApp number. Adding the WhatsApp number (with country code) is required, and other fields are optional. After clicking on Add, a Template message can be selected to start the conversation.

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