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Floatchat- User Guid


1. Introduction #

With the new Modern theme, we have redesigned the navigation on the Floatchat web portal. Once you sign in, you will be greeted with the new home page, which displays a list of bots managed under your account. You can also utilize the search box on the top left corner to search for a specific bot.


Bot-level Navigation #

If you require assistance on how to get started, simply click on the Quick Start Guide in the left navigation menu. Depending on your use case, you can choose one of the sections and follow the provided steps. Each step is accompanied by tutorials and helpful documentation for reference.

A new set of menu items is now available on the left-hand side for easy navigation across various configurations of your bot. To return to the Home page, you can always click on the ‘< Bots’ link at the top left corner. The navigation order is as follows:

  • Bot Overview – Provides an overview page for the selected bot.
  • Messages – Displays all conversations managed by the bot or agent.
  • Build – Offers a conversational flow modeller to construct user journeys.
  • Train – Allows you to add FAQs, entities, and documents to train the bot.
  • Configure – Enables you to set up bot themes, live chat, languages, channels, and more.
  • Users – Provides a view of users who have interacted with the bot or agents, and allows you to manage them.
  • Analytics – Allows you to view reports specific to bot engagement, responses, and live chat.
  • Integrations – Allows you to set up integrations and view API logs.
  • Broadcasts – Allows you to set up broadcasts and campaigns.

3. Account-level Navigation #

To access the account-level menu, navigate to the top right corner and click on the profile icon. This menu provides options to view Account settings, Product updates, and Integrations. You can also upgrade to a higher plan by accessing the Account settings.

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