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Introduction #

Floatchat is an innovative platform that enhances the online presence of businesses by providing website-building tools and features to effectively manage sales and customer interactions, resulting in an improved eCommerce experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to actively engage and retain customers across various platforms in real-time to meet their increasing demands. This has become crucial for businesses to ensure customer loyalty and repeat business.

What Floatchat offers for your Shopify store #

Floatchat offers a tailored solution specifically designed for Shopify, empowering businesses and stores to acquire, engage, and retain customers through the implementation of chatbot and live chat features.

With Floatchat, you can: #

  1. Manage user messages across multiple channels from a unified inbox.
  2. Reduce abandoned checkouts by sending personalized notifications via WhatsApp, SMS, and email.
  3. Enable customers to access various services, such as checking new products, tracking orders, managing payments and refunds, retrieving order information, and even canceling orders, all through the chatbot.
  4. Convert Instagram followers into customers by providing instant replies to direct messages, stories, comments, and mentions.
  5. Engage and retarget customers by sending promotional messages and offers via WhatsApp.
  6. Seamlessly integrate with Facebook ads, allowing you to collect leads, provide instant answers to customer inquiries, and efficiently redirect them to your store.
  7. Keep customers updated with order notifications and reminders to minimize checkout abandonment.

To gain a better understanding of how this solution works, you can explore the sample store provided here.

To get started, please refer to the documentation available here.

While Shopify already enhances the eCommerce experience, Floatchat takes it a step further by optimizing Shopify specifically for your business needs.

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