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Facebook has introduced new policies for its Messenger platform, effective from 16th December 2020, in order to comply with privacy rules in Europe. These policy updates will impact Facebook Messenger chatbots that are linked to pages interacting with users in Europe.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Limited access to user profile information.
  • Carousels are no longer supported on the Web client.
  • The typing indicator from chatbots has been removed.
  • The persistent menu feature is no longer available.
  • File sharing is disabled from Facebook pages.
  • The one-time notification feature is disabled.
  • Templates are no longer supported.

It is important for you to consider these changes and make the necessary adjustments to your chatbots. Here are the recommended actions:

  • Do not rely on user profile information from Messenger and explicitly ask for relevant information from the user.
  • Replace buttons with quick replies where applicable.
  • Add a response for the keyword “menu” with the options that were set for the persistent menu.
  • Remove carousels and replace them with a combination of text, images, and quick replies.
  • Avoid delays in responses since the typing indicator will not be available to show the processing state.
  • Ask for contact details instead of using the one-time notification feature.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the official documentation provided. Please ensure that you make the necessary adjustments to your chatbots to comply with these policy updates.


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