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Docusense Search

1. Introduction #

Customers can utilize the DocuSense Search feature by navigating to the Docusense Search option in the Train tab. Docusense Search allows bot builders to upload documents that will be used to provide answers to user queries. This feature reduces the effort required to train the bot and enables the combination of answers from multiple sources, such as FAQs and Docusense Search. By leveraging this capability, the bot becomes more intelligent and can deliver more accurate responses with minimal effort.

1.1 Availability #

The DocuSense Search feature is available for Enterprise plan customers. To enable this feature, please contact us at 

Docusense search

Steps to Use #

Step 1: Go to the Train tab and select Docusense Search.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Upload Document’ button.

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to provide the following information:

Cognitive Search
  • Document Name: A name for the uploaded document for easy tracking.
  • Category: The category under which the document should be placed for organization.
  • Upload Document: Select the preferred method of document upload, either via file upload or by providing a link to a web page.
  • External Link: Optionally, you can add the source link of the document for reference.

After uploading the document, the system will process it and display a ‘Processing’ message.

Once the document processing is complete, a ‘Ready to Search’ message will be shown.

1.2 Docusense Search Settings #

To configure the Docusense Search settings, follow these steps: Train -> Settings -> Docusense Search.

1. Prioritize Docusense Search Results: By default, the bot searches FAQs first, then performs a Docusense search before displaying the default response. Enabling this setting allows the bot to prioritize results from Docusense Search over FAQs.

2. Show Multiple Search Results: Enabling this option displays multiple matching results instead of just the best match.

3. Prompt for Results: Define the prompt message that appears before presenting Docusense Search results. You can use the {{user.search_results_count}} attribute to refer to the number of relevant results found.

4. Title for Prompt Results: Specify the prompt message shown before presenting the Docusense results.

5. Include Section Title: Enabling this configuration displays the title of the section from the document where the response was retrieved.

6. Show Entire Paragraph: Enabling this configuration displays the entire paragraph content from the document where the response was retrieved.

7. Show Document Title: Enabling this configuration shows the Document Name from where the response is retrieved in the response snippet. Enabling this option also allows for the following configurations:

  1. Show Link to Access the Document: The Document Name becomes clickable and opens the document in the Document Viewer.
  2. Allow Copy in Viewer: Enables the ability to copy the document content in the Document Viewer.
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