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Custom buttons and Deep linking

Deep linking functionality has been introduced to allow customers to stimulate specific actions directly on their websites. By using the provided functions, customers can control the behavior of the chatbot on their site. Here are the available functions:

  1. This function opens the chatbot on the website.
  2. window.floatchat.close(): This function minimizes the chatbot, keeping it accessible but not actively displayed.
  3. window.floatchat.sendQuery(‘any string here’): By calling this function, the chat widget opens, and a specific path is triggered when a user clicks a particular button on the website.

To enable deep linking without the need to call these functions directly, a custom script can be added for the customer’s bot from the MA (Mobile Assistant) under the display settings. The custom script should be included as follows:




// Custom script code here



Once the custom script is added, customers can utilize anchor tags on their web pages with href values corresponding to the desired actions. The following href values can be used:

– #float-chat-open: Clicking on an element with this href will open the chatbot.

– #float-chat-close: Clicking on an element with this href will close/minimize the chatbot.

– #float-<any faq here>: Clicking on an element with this href will trigger an FAQ on the chatbot.

For example, if the href value is set as #floatchat-about-us, the message “about us” will be sent to the chatbot, triggering any FAQ matching this query. This allows customers to directly trigger any path in the chatbot by clicking on buttons or elements on their website, simply by setting up an FAQ for the path and attaching the corresponding faq to the href of the desired element in the format #floatchat-<faq>.

This deep linking functionality provides a convenient way for customers to interact with the chatbot and initiate specific actions from their website.



For more details and examples, please refer to the official documentation.


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