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1. Introduction #

A chatbot serves as the central component of the platform, providing responses and managing conversational flows. It encompasses various capabilities such as broadcasts, live chat, and campaigns, forming a comprehensive solution.

2. Chatbot Components #

The fundamental building blocks of a chatbot include:

FAQs: These consist of predefined questions, variations of those questions, and their corresponding responses. FAQs are essential for training the chatbot.

Paths: Floatchat’s conversation flow modeller simplifies the creation of conversational flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Intents and Entities: For enhanced intelligence, you can create FAQs with intents that handle system entities like dates and locations, as well as custom entities. This enables the chatbot to understand and respond to complex queries.

Synonyms and Stopwords: Floatchat offers the ability to configure and manage synonyms and stopwords, improving the chatbot’s conversational capabilities.

In addition to the core building components, Floatchat provides various features to support marketing, customer support, HR, and service management requirements. Some key features include:

Live Chat: If the chatbot is unable to assist users, Floatchat allows seamless transfer of the conversation to human support agents.

Campaigns & Broadcast: Utilize push messaging through the chatbot to engage and interact with users effectively.

Integrations: Benefit from Floatchat’s robust integration capabilities to connect with a range of cloud or internal applications.

Analytics & Reporting: Gain insights into user interactions with the chatbot through comprehensive reports. Analyze aggregate patterns and individual user interactions to make informed decisions about training and further utilization of the chatbot.

3. Deployment #

Floatchat allows you to deploy a single chatbot across multiple channels. The platform follows a “build once – deploy anywhere” approach, supporting deployment on over 15 channels of your choice.

4. Multiple Chatbots #

With Floatchat, you can create multiple chatbots based on the plan’s limitations. Each chatbot can be independently connected to different channels. You can easily view and manage all your chatbots from the home screen of your account.

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