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Introduction #

We have introduced a new version of our chatbot to enhance the user experience. We have made improvements to the chat settings and provided additional options to customize the bot’s appearance. You can enable these settings either directly or through a manual toggle switch.

Enablement #

If the new version is already enabled, you can access it by going to Configuration > Web Display. However, depending on your entitlement, you may need to enable it through Deployment > Website Chatbot. Once enabled, you will find the new configuration settings under Configuration > Web Display.


Here are the various settings you can customize:

Bot Icon #

– Choose the position of the chatbot on your web page (right or left bottom corner).

– Set a callout message along with the chatbot launch icon.

– Upload an image for the chatbot launch icon.

Chat Auto Pop-up #

– Greet users landing on your website with an automatic pop-up message.

– Configure the delay time for the pop-up message.

Launch Screen #

– Customize the launch screen of your bot.

– Set the title, body text, query card title, and query placeholder.

– Choose the layout of multiple cards (vertical or horizontal).

– Add new cards with images, headers, bodies, buttons, and actions.

Chat Style #

– Choose a theme to make your bot more visually appealing.

– Customize the chat header with options for header type, icon, text, alignment, background color, font, and font color.

– Customize the chat background with solid color, image, gradient, or video.

Response Messages, Button Settings, and User Messages #

– Customize the appearance of response messages, buttons, and user messages.

– Set suggestion text and background color for the reply section.

Settings #

– Message Settings: Enable fading-in of new messages, allow users to edit previous responses, and notify users via sound on new messages from agents.

– Voice Settings: Enable voice input for interacting with the bot.

– Chat Menu Settings: Enable the “clear conversation history” menu, show icons with chat menu options, and add custom menu options.

Please note that these settings can be adjusted based on your requirements to enhance the chatbot’s look and feel.

References: #

For more information and detailed instructions, please refer to the official documentation.

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