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1. Introduction #

Customer engagement is an important aspect of a business since it drives all three aspects of a marketing use case Lead generation, Customer Acquisition and retention. Advanced NLP enabled conversational bots to drive targeted and interactive engagement options. Floatchat enables the bot builders to track the quantity and quality of engagement on their bots.

Engagement Dashboard provides analytics on various aspects showcasing your users’ engagement with the bot. Key metrics highlighted include Interaction Metrics, New vs Active Users trending and occurrences/usage of certain messages or actions within the Bot User Journeys.

2. Availability #

The Bot Engagement Dashboard is available to all our customers on all plans. The access to this dashboard is restricted to your users with the Owner, Administrator or Executive Roles.

The Bot Engagement section can be found in the navigation under Analytics

3. Interaction Metrics #

This module showcases the key metrics relevant to tracking user engagement with the bot.

Any input from a user be it a text for a query or selection of an option by clicking a button is counted as an interaction with the bot. See below for a quick description of each of these included metrics.

Total Interactions This number represents a cumulative sum of all the interactions that have taken place in the time duration selected in the date filter

Average Interaction per user This shows the average number of interactions a bot has with each user. A higher number in average interactions indicates quality engagement between a user and the bot

Average conversation duration To get to this number we calculate the time spent by a user on the bot and then take an average for all the users

Average messages per conversation This shows the number of messages received by a bot averaged over all the users

4. Dashboard Charts #

There are three key charts available on the page as described below. Also, please note that the aggregated charts data available on this dashboard is available only for date ranges older than a day (i.e. Today).

4.1 New users Vs Active users #

This graph shows the date-wise distribution of new users vs active users on the bot. A higher number of new users show a higher reach of the bot and maintained a number of active users represent retention

4.2 Button Actions #

This table displays the data when you have used buttons while creating your bot. The data will reveal the user’s actions on the button during their bot conversations. The green bar shows the number of clicks for that specific button. This chart is particularly useful for doing a clickthrough or conversion analysis based on the user journeys within the Bot.

4.3 Most frequent messages #

Most frequently used words/queries are displayed in this section. This helps you understand the frequently asked questions in a quick glance and focus on improving the training for the bot around those keywords or queries.

5. Filter #

The data on this dashboard can be filtered based on the date range selected in the date filter provided at the top of the dashboard.

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