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Attribute management

Attributes play a crucial role in the chatbot as they store and display relevant data for each user. Floatchat provides a simple way to manage these attributes.

To access attribute management in Floatchat, you can go to the “Configure” section and click on “Attributes.”

For detailed information about attributes, you can refer to the documentation provided.

There are four columns in the attribute management interface that represent the source and nature of the attributes.

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You can perform the following functions for attributes:

  1. Edit Attribute: This allows you to modify the attribute name and the validation message associated with it.
  2. Check Reference: This displays the nodes in the chatbot where the attribute is being used.
  3. Check History: This provides a list of changes made to the attribute, including timestamps and the moderator responsible for the changes.
  4. Delete Attribute: You have the option to delete an attribute, and it will be moved to the Deleted Section.
  5. Add Attribute: You can create a new attribute for your chatbot by specifying the type and providing a validation message.
  6. Download: This feature enables you to download attributes and relevant data for auditing purposes.

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