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Activating Live Chat


1. Introduction #

Floatchat feature enables you to set up Floatchat For your bot, creating a bridge between agents and end-users. You can add multiple bots and configure different settings for each bot. To utilize this feature effectively, follow these steps:

  • Start by creating a flow that allows users to request a live chat.
  • Identify categories and map team members accordingly based on the categories and channels they will handle.
  • For example, if you have two agents, one managing security-related questions and the other handling service-related queries, create a sample flow and map the agents accordingly.
Activating Live Chat

For detailed instructions and preference choices, refer to the Floatchat Setting documentation.

2. Routing Rules: #

Routing rules are essential for handling Floatchat requests and depend on several factors, including the origin source (e.g., FB, Whatsapp, Telegram, Web), category, agent limit, and working hours.

1. If a user requests Floatchat outside of working hours:

  • For Web or Mobile origin sources, the Floatchat request will be directed to the Agent Unavailable path, and the request will be dropped.
  • For Facebook, Telegram, or Whatsapp origin sources, the user will be redirected to the Agent Unavailable path, and the Floatchat request will be moved to the Unassigned tab. Supervisors can later pick up these requests from the Unassigned tab and respond to them. This is not allowed for web requests because there is no way to communicate with the end-user once they have closed the tab or bot.

2. “User has closed the chat” message:

  • This message appears when the FlaotchFloatchat at connection has been broken, typically when the user has closed the chatbot. For website chatbots, the agent’s messages will not be received by the end-user. However, in channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, or Telegram, where chat continuity is possible even if the user closes the messaging app, the agent’s messages will still be visible to the end-user.
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