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Note: Floatchat direct integration is available on all paid plans:

1. Essential
2. Team
3. Professional
4. Enterprise
5. Elite

1. Access #

Owners or Supervisors can enable the Floatchat by navigating to the ‘Integration’ option in the top right corner or on the left-hand side of the bar.

2. Click on Floatchat and enable the option ‘Allow agents to configure their own account’. Saving these settings will enable the FloatchatApplication for all users (Owners, Supervisors, and Agents). You can find more information about account setup in the Account Setup section.

3. If an account is not integrated, agents will be redirected to the Integration page to integrate an account.

4. Agents can select one of the options: Create Ticket, Get Ticket, or Update Ticket.

5. The workflow for each option will differ:

  • Create Ticket: Agents can provide ticket details, and a ticket will be created. The Ticket ID will be displayed, which can be copied to the clipboard and sent to the end user.
  • Get Ticket: Agents can enter a ticket ID, and the corresponding ticket details will be fetched. The details can be copied to the clipboard and sent to the user.
  •  Update Ticket: Agents can enter a ticket ID, fetch the corresponding ticket details, and make updates to the ticket. The changes can be saved and updated in Zendesk.
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