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WhatsApp Setup using Clickatell

Introduction #

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging, and Voice over IP service. It is a fast-growing messaging platform, and Floatchat allows you to integrate your bot with WhatsApp using the Clickatell integration.

Note: Please be aware that Clickatell no longer supports ONE API integration for new accounts. Only direct WhatsApp integration is available. Existing accounts with WhatsApp integration APIs enabled will continue to work.

 Steps to Configure Clickatell #

Login to your Clickatell account.

Go to the Whatsapp Integration section and create a new Whatsapp Integration.

Provide a name for your Whatsapp integration.

Click on Configure -> Deployments -> WhatsApp and select Clickatell as the Provider.

In the Integration settings tab, paste the Message status callback URL and Receive Message Callback URL from the Floatchat Portal.

Note: Make sure to change the $provider in the webhook URL to Clickatell. For example, use instead.

Add your business profile and test phones for the Integration.

Save the changes.

Note: In the sandbox environment, you can only test the integration with your test phone numbers.

Now go to the Floatchat Portal and navigate to Deploy -> WhatsApp.

Copy the API key from the WhatsApp integration and paste it in the JSON web token field.

Paste your WhatsApp number for the WhatsApp Integration in the phone number field.

Configure the following URL in the Client URL field:

Once all the details are entered, save the changes, and you are ready to test your bot on WhatsApp with your test numbers.

Enjoy the Botting!

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