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WhatsApp setup using 360Dialog

1. Introduction #

Floatchat is an integration provided by Floatchat that allows businesses to use WhatsApp Messenger as a channel for their chatbot. With Floatchat, customers can leverage the power of Floatchat’s chatbot platform on WhatsApp, facilitating seamless communication and customer engagement.

2. Creating a New Account with 360Dialog #

To create a new account with 360Dialog, customers can follow these steps:

2.1 Log in to the Floatchat portal and navigate to the “Configure” section from the left navigation menu.

2.2 Click on “Deployment” and choose 360Dialog as the WhatsApp provider.

2.3 For more detailed instructions on the registration process with 360Dialog, please refer to the provided documentation.

3. Setting Up 360Dialog with Floatchat Configuration: #

To set up 360Dialog as the WhatsApp provider on Floatchat, please follow the steps below:

3.1 Under the Configure menu, click on “Deployment” in the left navigation bar.

3.2 Select WhatsApp and choose 360Dialog from the available list of providers.

3.3 You will need to fill in two input fields, which can be found in the 360Dialog platform under the WhatsApp accounts section. Login to your 360Dialog account to access this information.

i) Phone number: #

      The phone number of your business will be available in the WhatsApp account section of 360Dialog. Copy the entire number, including the code, and paste it into the Floatchat platform.

ii) API key: #

       Click on the “Generate API key” option in 360Dialog to obtain the API key. Note that the generated API key is a one-time process and cannot be retrieved later, so it’s important to copy and securely store it.

Once you have completed the above steps, the result will be similar to the image shown.

Click on “Save” after adding the details, and your chatbot will be successfully deployed on the specified WhatsApp number.

Floatchat also allows you to receive message status updates (e.g., Sent, Read, Delivered, etc.) for WhatsApp conversations. You can transfer this status to your webhook by adding it to the Status Webhook section.


Once the configuration is done, you can add a pre-filled message and share the “Click to chat” WhatsApp link.

You can also download the QR code and add it to your website, blogs, or social media platforms.

If you want to add the WhatsApp widget to your website, simply copy the embed code and add it to your website’s HTML code.

WhatsApp Account Quality and Usage Details:

Businesses integrating with the WhatsApp API through 360Dialog can track account quality and usage details.

You can access this information under the Configure menu, by selecting Deployment and then WhatsApp in Floatchat.

By following these steps, you can set up Floatchat with 360Dialog and begin using WhatsApp as a channel for your chatbot, enabling effective communication and engagement with your customers.

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