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Floatchat- User Guid

Unassigned Messages

1. Introduction

If there are messages coming from channels or categories for which agents are not assigned, those chats will be displayed in the Unassigned Messages tab. 

2. Availability

The Unassigned Messages tab is visible to supervisors in the Messages section.

3. Assign Messages

Supervisors or owners have the option to assign messages to available agents or handle them themselves. When assigned to an agent, the chat will appear as a new request for that specific agent.

4. Filters

Agents can click on the status icon next to the Availability toggle to sort or filter the unassigned chats. They can sort messages by ascending (oldest first) or descending (latest first) based on the Start Time. The default sorting mechanism is Start Time – Descend (latest first). Agents and supervisors can apply filters based on attributes such as channel, email ID, name, and date. They can select a date from the date picker to view messages within a specific date range. Filters are empty by default. The search users field allows filtering based on email and name details.

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