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Chatbot Template #

A chatbot template is a pre-designed chatbot with pre-built conversation flows and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Floatchat offers a collection of 150+ chatbot templates in their Bot Marketplace. Users can browse through the templates, select the one that suits their needs, and start building their own chatbot. Instead of Floatchat, Floatchat provides this feature, and you can access it from the Profile Menu on the top right of your Floatchat Account.

Bot Marketplace #

The Bot Marketplace on Floatchat is a comprehensive library of chatbot templates covering various use cases across different categories such as HR, Customer Support, E-Commerce, Education, Marketing, Travel, Finance, and more.

Using a Chatbot Template #

To use a chatbot template in Floatchat, you can simply select a template while creating a new chatbot. You can preview the template, review its conversation flows and FAQs, and then choose to “Create a bot” to add it to your Floatchat account. This allows you to quickly start building your chatbot using the selected template as a starting point.

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