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Slider Node

The Slider node enhances the visual experience and input method for your end-users in Floatchat. It allows you to gather values through a slider interface. 

  • Slider Input Type: Choose the type of input you want to receive from the user.
  • User Prompt: This is the message displayed to the end-user, prompting them for input.
  • Validation Input: If the user enters an invalid input, this message will be shown to guide them.
  • Range: Specify the minimum and maximum values for the slider, along with the corresponding label message.
  • Step Value: Determine the increment value used for each step in the slider.
  • Attribute: The value selected by the end-user will be stored in this attribute.

There are three supported input types available for the Slider node.

Note: The slider option is only available for bots deployed as standalone or on a website. For other channels, this node will function as a Request User Data node. The default data type for all three categories is ‘Number’.

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