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1. Introduction #

floatchat offers various settings to help store owners manage the customer experience effectively. One of the key features is the ability to trigger user prompts. These prompts allow agents to initiate predefined flows on the chatbot, enabling users to complete necessary actions while ensuring data confidentiality and a seamless experience.

2. Setting up Prompts #

To configure prompts for your store, go to the Configure tab, select Integrations, and click on Shopify. Then, navigate to the Settings tab to set up prompts. For bots created from the Shopify template, prompts are already set up by default.

There are three prompts available for the agents: #


2.1 Verify Customer #

When a user initiates live chat without verifying their account information, agents can use the “Verify Customer” prompt to trigger the user verification flow automatically.

2.2 Update phone number #

Agents can easily update a user’s phone number by using the “Update Phone Number” prompt. Simply click on the prompt to initiate the update number flow.

2.3 Update shipping address #

If a user wants to update the shipping address for a specific order, agents can trigger the “Update Shipping Address” flow instead of manually entering the form fields.

These prompts streamline the agent’s workflow and provide a convenient way to handle user verification, phone number updates, and shipping address changes.

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