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Set user attributes

1. Introduction #

The Set User Attribute Node in Floatchat enables you to update specific data attributes with information obtained from various sources. In the example provided, we collect users’ phone numbers and update them into different attributes using a single node, eliminating the need to ask for the information from the user again.

2. Functionality #

  1. i) Name: You can choose an existing attribute or create a new attribute by clicking on “Create ‘attribute name'”.
  2. ii) Type: This determines the attribute’s data type and the format it supports. For instance, if the type is set to Text, it will accept any text input. If it’s set to Number, it will only accept numerical values. You can use attributes of the same type to update the value. Note that attributes of different types, such as Text and Number, cannot be used interchangeably.
  3. iii) Set Value: You can manually add values to be updated into the corresponding attribute, or you can update them using another attribute.
  4. iv) Clear Attribute Value: This option clears or empties out the selected attribute.2---Managing-a-Subscription (1)

2.1 Object Type Attribute #

Object attributes allow you to define and capture attributes in JSON format. You can extract specific information from an array and update it into a new attribute. The type of this new attribute should be set as Object.

You can add a single attribute to the object or retrieve values from an existing object.

For example:

Setting the Object using Set User Attribute with the name “obj1” and type Object. Ensure that the fields are consistent across all objects present in the array.

Retrieving the Object: Use the syntax {{}} to retrieve a specific value from the object.

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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