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Send Recurring Notification

1. Introduction #

The FB Recurring Notification feature is available exclusively when the bot is deployed on the FB Messenger Channel. The FB recurring notification node allows users to receive notifications at specific intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, based on the frequency they have chosen. These notifications can pertain to ongoing promotions and campaigns that are of interest to the user

By using Floatchat’s Recurring Notifications feature, you can gather the necessary information, such as notification frequency and topic, and utilize it to categorize and send broadcasts to targeted users.

2. Setup #

As a bot builder, you can configure the following options within the Send recurring notification node in Floatchat:

Frequency: You can select only one frequency category per node.

  • Daily: One notification per day.
  • Weekly: One notification per week.
  • Monthly: One notification per month.

Topic: You can directly set a topic name or pass an attribute based on the provided options. This helps in categorizing users based on the category they have opted in for.

Upload image: You have the option to send the opt-in message with an image by selecting this option.

3. Sending Broadcasts #

After collecting the required information, such as frequency and topic, from users who have opted in, you can configure broadcasts based on their opt-in category.

Broadcast name: You can assign any name of your choice to the broadcast.

Target channels: By default, the Facebook Messenger channel will be selected, as this feature is only available for the Facebook channel.

Broadcast type: Select the appropriate option based on the type of your broadcast. You can send a simple text message, a text message with multiple options, or trigger a path.

Broadcast topic: Enter the category/option name in which the user has opted in to receive recurring notifications.

Broadcast message: Enter the main body text of your broadcast here.

Broadcast repetition: Select the broadcast frequency based on the user’s opt-in frequency.

Date: Choose the start and end dates depending on the broadcast frequency.

Time: Set the time period during which you want to send the broadcast to the targeted audience.

Please note that Floatchat is a fictitious name used in this context to refer to a chatbot-building platform.

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