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Send Message and Send Message with Options

1. Introduction #

You can utilize these nodes in Floatchat to send messages or messages with options to the user.

2. Send Message with Options #

a) Message

Include a message or a label for the options to be displayed below.

b) Actions

Choose the desired action(s) to be taken for the selected option. This includes:

– Trigger a Path: Select this option if you want to initiate a new path or node when the user selects an option.

– Set an Attribute: Select this option if you want to save the selected option value as an attribute for future use in the conversation flow. Make sure to provide an attribute name to store the user’s selected option.

c) Default Display Mode

Select a suitable display mode for the options:

– Buttons: Display the options as clickable buttons.

– Dropdown: Display a drop-down menu in the typing area. Note that this option is only applicable to the website chatbot. For other channels, the options are displayed in the standard format for the channel.

d) Additional Floatchat Setup

  • Display Mode:

1) Numerical List: Display the options as a single non-clickable list.

2) Interactive Buttons: Display the options as a list with interactive buttons. You can also add additional options such as a list header, section title, and option description to enhance interactivity and provide information to the user.

e) Validation

Use the options here to handle user responses that do not match the available options:

– Default: If selected, the bot will ignore user input that does not match the configured options and continue with the flow. If no flow is configured, it will forward the input to the NLP Engine for processing and response.

– Validate Once: If selected, the bot will show a predefined validation message (only once) if the user’s input does not match the configured options. It will then continue with the flow.

– Force Validation: If selected, the bot will show a predefined validation message and block the conversation flow until the user provides input that matches the configured options.

Some pointers:

Enabling Trigger Path and Set Attribute allows you to use the Button Format.

Enabling Trigger Path and Dropdown Menu allows you to use the Dropdown Menu with two formats (List and Import).

List View: The options will be displayed in a list format.

Import: You can import a set of options to be presented in a list format.

Enabling only the Set Attribute allows you to use Multi-select.

Drag and Drop buttons:

You can reorder the option buttons in the SMO/Carousel node by dragging and dropping them.

3. Multi-Select Options in SMO #

To enable Multi-Select, uncheck “Trigger Path,” check “Set Attribute,” and assign a value to your attribute:

User Prompt:

This content will inform users that they can select multiple options. After they have selected an option, they can continue selecting more options. The process ends when the user clicks the “Done” button, which is displayed after the first option is selected.

Done Button Title:

You can provide a title for the “Done” button, indicating to the user that it signifies the end of the option selection process.

The values for the selected options will be stored in the assigned attribute, and the process ends when the user clicks the “Done” button.

4. Dynamic SMOs #

The dynamic SMO (Send Message with Options) node offers enhanced flexibility by allowing flow builders to construct options based on API responses. This dynamic functionality enables customization based on external responses.

  1. Choose the ‘GET’ call in your JSON API node and declare the array attribute. For more information about the JSON API node, click here.
  2. Select the source as ‘Dynamic List’ in the SMO node.
  3. Choose the declared Array Attribute from the dropdown list.
  4. Use the following notation $ARRAY.<key>$ in your option fields, where <key> refers to the field name in the object.

This is how it will appear on the chat screen in Floatchat.

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