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1. Introduction #

In today’s era, chatbots are expected to provide instant information and notifications to users. For example, consider a ticket booking bot. After a booking is confirmed and payment is made, users would expect to receive an email notification containing the details of their booking and payment information. Floatchat offers the Send Email node, which enables bot builders to configure email notifications and send them to their target audience at any point in the bot flow.

2. Setup #

2.1 Creating and Saving #


Recipients: Bot builders can manually add recipient email addresses or use values saved in attributes during the bot flow. Multiple email addresses can be added, separated by commas.

Subject: This field represents the subject line of the email.

Message: This field allows bot builders to compose the body of the email. They can utilize attributes to dynamically insert information into the email body.

3. Rich Text Editor for Send Email Node: #

This feature is available in our paid plans, specifically the Business plans and above. It provides a rich text editor with various formatting options and features, including:

  • Hyperlink
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Quote
  • Code
  • Ordered List
  • Bulleted List
  • Indent More
  • Indent Less
  • Text Format Type
  • Font Type
  • Text Colour
  • Text Highlight Colour
  • Alignment
  • Clear Formatting

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.\

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