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1. Introduction #

With Floatchat, you have the ability to retarget your audience based on various engagement statistics, such as Sent, Delivered, Read, or the buttons customers have clicked on. To perform this retargeting, you can utilize the retarget broadcast feature. It’s important to note that this feature is specifically designed for the WhatsApp channel.

Retarget Broadcast (1)

Retarget Broadcast:


By leveraging the Sent, Delivered, Read statistics, or customer interactions with specific buttons, you can retarget your audience effectively using the retarget broadcast feature on Floatchat. This feature is exclusively available for the WhatsApp channel.

Create New Broadcast (1)

Send Options:

You have the option to select “Send Now” to instantly deliver the broadcast to your intended recipients. Alternatively, you can schedule the broadcast, allowing you to define a specific timeline for its initiation and publication. This scheduling functionality supports both one-time and recurring broadcasts. If you choose the recurring option, you can determine the frequency and duration of the broadcast’s activity.

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