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Restrictions for WA template message

To ensure a secure and spam-free environment, Floatchat has guidelines similar to WhatsApp regarding the approval process for template messages. Here are some potential reasons why Floatchat may reject templates:

  1. Lack of Clarity: Templates should have a clear and precise goal. For example, a template like “Hi, {{1}} {{2}} I’m Thankful” may be ambiguous and fail to explain its purpose or the meaning of the placeholder values.
  2. Incorrect Ordering: Placeholders within a template should be ordered sequentially. If a template is missing a placeholder, such as {{3}}, while placeholders like {{1}}, {{2}}, and {{4}} are present, the template may be rejected.
  3. Incorrect Placement: It’s important to avoid placing placeholders directly next to each other, such as {{1}}{{2}}. Each placeholder should be separated by space or punctuation for clarity.
  4. Media Header Samples: Templates involving media headers (e.g., video, picture, document) must provide a sample of the media content along with the template submission.
  5. Duplicate Content: Templates should not be too similar to existing templates. Floatchat discourages redundancy to maintain a diverse template library.
  6. Placeholder Placement: Templates should not begin or end with a placeholder. Placeholders should be used within the body of the template for proper structure.
  7. Newline Character: The use of the \n newline character is not allowed within the template body. It should be avoided to maintain consistent formatting.
  8. Threatening or Abusive Content: Templates containing messages that threaten, prosecute, or exhibit abusive and threatening language towards users will not be approved.
  9. Emoji and Newline Character in Footer: Emojis and the \n newline character are prohibited in the template footer and should not be used in that section.
  10. Restrictions in Text Header: The template’s text header should not include emojis, asterisks, formatting markup, or the \n newline character. These elements are not allowed and should be excluded from the header.

By adhering to these guidelines, Floatchat aims to ensure that template messages meet the necessary criteria for approval and maintain a safe and user-friendly communication experience.


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