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Opt-Out feature

Introduction: #

When customers label a template as spam, it can have a negative impact on account quality. To prevent this, it’s important to provide customers with the option to opt out of receiving messages. By doing so, you can maintain account quality and also obtain a list of users who have chosen to opt out.

Enabling the Opt-Out Feature: #

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Broadcasts section in FloatChat and select “Message Templates.”
  2. Create a new template.
  3. Enable the opt-out toggle button.
  4. Once the opt-out button is enabled, the footer will be automatically filled with the text “Not interested? Tap Stop promotions.” You can customize this text to suit your specific use case.
  5. When you enable the opt-out option, a Quick Reply button will be created. This button will serve as the opt-out button.
  6. The Quick Reply button can trigger a specific path or both trigger a path and attribute. You can choose the desired option when creating a broadcast.

Note: Remember to tag the button when creating a broadcast.

Setting up the Opt-Out Feature:

Go to the Basic Broadcast section in FloatChat.

After selecting your approved template, you will have the option to tag a specific button as the opt-out button.

Users who click on this button will be added to the opt-out list.

You can exclude these users from future broadcasts by toggling the “Exclude users who have opted out” button.

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