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Floatchat- User Guid


1. Introduction

When users interact with your chatbot through different channels such as web, WhatsApp, or social media, the Floatchat feature allows you to link all their interactions into a single view. This enables you to easily view their queries and monitor the progress of resolutions.  

2. Stitching:  

Users will be stitched together if the following conditions are met:

  • The user.phone_number attribute has the same value.
  • The attribute has the same value.
  • Both the user.phone_number and attributes have the same value.

You can achieve stitching in two ways:  

  • Use the ‘Set User Attribute’ node to update the values of the above-mentioned attributes. For example, you can update the user.phone_number attribute.
  • Manually update the attributes by navigating to the Messages section and editing the phone number in the User Details.    

3. Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts enhance your efficiency by allowing you to perform certain tasks on your computer without relying on the mouse. They can significantly boost productivity when used regularly.

3.1 Availability: #

Keyboard shortcuts are available in the Messages tab for all roles.

3.2 Commands and Impact: #

The shortcuts are categorized into two parts: 

  1. Starting a Conversation: Command + Shift + S
  2. Assigning the Conversation: Command + Shift + A
  3. Resolving the Conversation: Command + Shift + R
  4. Marking as Pending Resolution: Command + Shift + P
  5. Adding a Note: Command + Shift + P
  6. Previous Conversation: P
  7. Next Conversation: N
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