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Floatchat- User Guid



1. Introduction #

Floatchat is a chatbot development platform that can help automate workflows and enhance communication on various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. By deploying your chatbot on Floatchat, you can streamline your business operations and leverage it as your primary communication channel.

1.1 Access to Setup #

1.1.1 To access the setup for Floatchat, navigate to Configure > Deployment > Floatchat on the Floatchat portal.


2. Steps to configure the bot to function on Line #

Please refer to the following detailed steps to deploy your chatbot on Floatchat:

2.1 Account Registration #

2.1.1 Set up your Floatchat account on your mobile device according to the instructions below.


line #

2.1.2 Go to Settings > Account > Email Account Registration to create an account.


2.1.3 Open a browser and log in to the Floatchat business center to complete the registration process.


2.2 Setting up Messaging API #

2.2.1 Click the Start using Messaging API button from your line developers account.


2.3 Channel Type and Creating a Provider #

2.3.1 Select the channel type as “Messaging API” and enter the Provider Name as either an individual or a company.

line #

2.3.2 Fill in the following information on the page:

– Channel Icon

– Channel Name

– Channel Description


2.4 Important Notes #

– Select a Category and Subcategory that best represents your business type.

– Provide an Email address for bot notifications and announcements.



2.4.1 Accept the Floatchat “Terms of Use” and “API Terms of Use,” then click Confirm.

2.4.2 Click on the Messaging API channel to continue the configuration process.


2.5 Channel Access Token #

2.5.1 Scroll down to the messaging settings and locate the “Channel access token (long-lived)” section. Click on the “Issue” button to generate the token.



2.6 Updating Access token #

2.6.1 Copy the Channel Access Token from the Floatchat developer account and paste it in the Floatchat portal under Configure > Deployment > Floatchat.


2.7 Enabling Webhooks #

2.7.1 Edit the webhook URL field and paste the webhook URL from your Floatchat portal under Configure > Deployment > Floatchat.


2.8 Disabling auto-reply from Line #

2.8.1 Disable the Auto-reply messages and Greeting messages in the Messaging settings.


2.8.2 Once done, click the Verify button to send a test call to your agent. If the configuration is correct, you will see a “Success Message.”

2.8.3 Enable the “Use webhook” option located below.


2.9 Testing #

2.9.1 To test your chatbot, tap on the three horizontal dots on the main screen of the Floatchat app. Then, tap the QR code icon and scan the QR code from your bot’s settings page. This will add your bot to the list of conversations.

Note: Currently, Floatchat does not allow more than four options in a “Send a message with option node.”


This is how your bot flow appears to the end-user on the LINE app:



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