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1. Introduction #

Interaction refers to a user’s action, such as a query, message, or clicking a button/option, which elicits one or multiple responses from the chatbot. During a conversation or session, a user typically engages in multiple back-and-forth interactions with the bot.

In the given example, the user’s query and the subsequent bot responses are considered a single interaction, as it involves just one message from the user.

2. Additional Cases & Types #

2.1 Live Chat #

The same principle applies to Live Chat responses, with the distinction that the response would come from a human agent rather than the chatbot.

2.2 Broadcast #

In addition to the above, each outbound message sent to a user as part of a broadcast or campaign is considered a single interaction.

2.3 File Uploads #

File uploads are tracked separately, distinct from regular chatbot interactions. This category encompasses scenarios where end-users are required to upload a file to continue with the conversation flow.

2.4 Voice Interactions #

Voice interactions, involving voice-to-text and text-to-voice conversions, are handled through Google Voice. These interactions are tracked and billed separately by your Google Voice account. For detailed instructions on setting up Voice on Floatchat, please refer to the provided document.

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